Bangalore Solar Products

You can send us the quote request for bangalore delivery, we will respond the same day with product availability, price details.

SuRCLe undertakes solar rooftop projects in and around Bangalore city. The Bangalore location limitation is for providing the higher support quality.

Bangalore Solar Projects

We undertake the following solar projects.

Solar Projects

Solar UPS

Provides uninterrupted power during daytime.

Suitable for small home or office.

Convert your UPS to Solar

Solar Offgrid System

Offgrid systems give full power independence:

Suitable for uninterrupted power

Suitable for install sizes between 2kw to 10kw single phase homes, business

Solar Ongrid System

Ongrid systems work in synchronization with the EB. Click on the link for details of

Power Independence for Small Scale Industry Systems

Check the following link for the Solar powering the SME

Solar Powered Mosquito Killer

No power wires, install anywhere solar powered mosquito killers.