Lightning Arrester


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  • Measurement: This copper lightning arrester is 46 inches  long and the diameter is of 12 mm . The total weight of this product is 1.4 kg. The dimensions of the base plate are 10*10 cm.
  • Coverage: The copper lightning arrester offers a coverage of 45 degrees from the top point of the arrester. On another way, we can say that the surrounding area of the 15-20 meter will be protected by this lightning arrester.
  • Role: Lightning arrester allows the current to flow the surge current from a clap of thunder to the ground without causing any damage to the building.
  • Material details: The copper lightning arrester is coated with GI. The inner portion of this product is made of Copper Bonded with a coating of pure GI in order to enhance the conductivity.
  • Installation: The installation process is really easy, you just need to fit it to the surface of the top pint of a building or tower. In order to let the surge current flow to the ground via the earthing system, the copper strip is connected between this lightning arrester and earthing system.


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