Solar Branch Connectors – 4 in 1 out T


MC4 Connector 4 to 1 T Style Branch Connector for solar panels- Male & Female pair

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MC4 Connector 4 to 1 T Style Branch Connector for solar panels- Male & Female pair

These are MC4 Style Branch Connectors which are approved by CE. They are used to connect multiple solar panels or groups of solar panels together in a solar field and typically used in parallel applications.

Item specifications:

Brand Name: World sunlight
Connector material: PPO
Contacts Material: Copper, Tin plated
Rated current: 40A
Rated Voltage:1500VDC (IEC) 800 VDC(UL)
Degree of protection: IP67
Pin dimensions: 4 sq mm
Safety class:II
Application: Lighting, Using for solar panel
Gender:male and female


  • MC4 Solar Panel Cable Connectors(one female to four male (F/MMMM) and one male to four female (M/FFFF)
  • Compatible MC4
  • It can be used in a harsh environment
  • With excellent aging resistance and UV endurance
  • Created seal, design of dustproof
  • Load capability with big current and high voltage
  • Quick & simple assembly processing and simple removal of plugs without the aid of any extra instrument
  • Strong pulling force capability
  • The resistance of extra high & low temperature and fireproof
  • Lower contact resistance
  • High current carrying capacity


1. What’s the specialty of this connector?
This connector is used for connecting four solar panels together in parallel. If you want to connect four positives together and four negatives together of four solar panels, then you can use one (male-female) pair of MC4 4 in 1 T connector to connect it. Of course, this assumes that all solar panels are already using MC4 connectors.

2. Do we need to buy MC4 connector along with it for connecting cables?
Yes, if MC4 connectors are not already there in connecting cables, then you must purchase MC4 connectors separately.

Is the use of branch connector/y connector right according to IEC/IS standards?
If your current rating of MC4 and MC4 4 in 1 T connectors is within limits then there is no problem.

4. What is the difference between MC4 & MC4 4 in 1 T connector?
MC4 connector is used to connect positive cable to negative cable (for example connecting solar panels in series) while MC4 4 in 1 T connector is used to connect to positive cables together (connecting solar panels in parallel).

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