Finder 600V DC SPD


Finder 600V DC SPD for Solar

SPD Type 2 (2 varistors) for 600 V DC photovoltaic systems
• Replaceable varistor modules with colour code
• Visual and remote signalling of varistor status

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Overvoltage may occur in electrical installations for various reasons. It may be caused by:

  • Fault in the distribution network as a result of lightning or any work carried out.
  • Lightning strikes (nearby or on buildings and PV installations, or on lightning conductors).
  • Variations in the electrical field due to lightning.

Like all outdoor structures, PV installations are exposed to the risk of lightning which varies from region to region. Preventive and arrest systems and devices should be in place.

SPDs are particularly important to protect sensitive electrical equipment like AC/DC Inverter, monitoring devices and PV modules, but also other sensitive equipment powered by the 230 VAC electrical distribution network.

Technical data:

Maximum operating voltage (UCPV) V DC :600V
Maximum operating voltage /per module (UCPV)V DC :600V
Nominal discharge current (8/20 μs) /per module (In) kA: 20
Maximum discharge current (8/20 μs) /per module (Imax) kA: 40
Voltage protection level per module (UP) kV :2.2
Voltage protection level of the system UP (+ →–)/(+/– → PE) kV :4.4/2.2
Voltage protection level VPR kV :<3.2
Response time (ta) ns :25
Short circuit current withstand ISCPV A :125

Ambient temperature range °C: -40 To 80

Protection degree: IP 20

Wire size : For Solid Cable
mm2 : 1×2.5…1×25
AWG: 1×13…
For Stranded cable
mm2 :1×2.5…1×25
AWG:1×2 1×13…1×4

Wire strip length mm: 10
Screw torque Nm: 4


SPD Type 2 (2 varistors) for 1020 V DC photovoltaic systems
• Replaceable varistor modules with colour code
• Visual and remote signalling of varistor status

• Surge arrester for protection of DC side 600 V systems in photovoltaic applications.

• Protects equipment against induced overvoltage caused by lightning strikes or switching transients.
• Visual indication of varistor status – Healthy/Replace
• Contact for remote signalling of varistor status.
• Replaceable modules with colour code: white for varistor
• Complies with EN 50539-11:2010
• 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mounting


1.Why solar systems need surge protection?
Solar arrays, like all electronic devices, are prone to surges in voltage that can harm components and increase downtime. Surge protection devices can help keep systems running and profitable.

2. Which type SPD is this?
This is Type 2. Which means Permanently connected SPDs intended for installation on the load side of the service disconnect overcurrent device, including SPDs located at the branch panel.

3. What is the IP rating of this?
This is IP 20. ie; finger-safe construction

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