DC Changeover Switch

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Switch the solar panels to offgrid from ongrid inverter.

Switch the solar panels to offgrid inverter from solar pump.


Changeover switch is ideal for redirection of solar panels power between 2 destinations.


Max Current: 63A

Max voltage: 500V


2 Poles, 3 Position, 8 Terminals.
Material: flame-retardant PC fuel, good insulation performance, high temperature resistance; using high-quality copper parts, good electrical conductivity; using silver alloy contacts, low resistivity, no arc.
Appearance: fine workmanship, flexible handle, small size, and long service life.
Scope of application: It is widely used as circuit control switch, test equipment switch, motor control switch and DC control switch, or battery switch of solar power machinery and other equipment.
Note: Before ordering, please pay attention to the voltage level to ensure that the universal switch can work successfully after purchase.

Material: Polycarbonate.
Color: White.
UI: 500V : 63A, 3 Position, 8 Terminals.
Model: DC_CHOVR_63A

Package included:
1 x changeover switch.


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