SuRCLe Solar on-grid 600V 4 in 4 out DCDB


Suitable for connecting to on-grid DUAL MPPT 8KW Solar inverter.
2 Strings In
2 Strings Out
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Suitable for connecting to on-grid FOUR MPPT 20KW Solar inverter.
4 Strings In
4 Strings Out
Max Current Per Input string: 13 A
Max Current Per Output string: 13 A
Ideal for rooftop on-grid solar installation
Max Input , Output voltage: 600 V
Surge Protection device (over voltage protection), 16 A MCB 800V MCB(over current protection) and String Fuse(reverse current protection) are provided.
MC4 inputs/outputs and Earth connections are provided through wire glands and block terminals.
Waterproof, transparent protection IP 67 poly-carbonate box suitable for outdoor installation.
SuRCLe DCDBs are fitted on a Hylam board for higher insulation protection.

Box size: 280*280*130mm

Suitable Input string wire size – 4 sq mm
Suitable Output wire size – 4 sq mm

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Weight 6 kg
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