SuRCLe Basic All in 1 DB 3KW


This all in 1 DB box is suitable for a 3 kw offgrid inverter.

Take care of AC Grid, Solar DC and Battery DC protection all in a single box.

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This DB provides ACDB and DCDB in 1 box.

To be fitted as an accessory to offgrid inverter upto 3 kw.

Single phase 320V AC SPD protection for AC Side surge
Single phase ABB 16A 2P MCB for over current protection
Wire glands for input and output

Single string 600V DC SPD protection
Single string DC 16A MCB protection
MC4 for input and output

Note: if fuse protection needed — add MC4 inline fuse
to the panels.

Waterproof enclosure.

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Weight 2.5 kg
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