Microtek Solar Cable – Red or Black – 2.5 SQ MM


Microtek 2.5 sq mm Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Red or Black insulated cable.

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Note: For purchasing 12 Meter length, select Qty as 12. We will ship you single length of 12 Meters.

Microtek 2.5 sq mm Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Red or Black insulated cable.

Solar Wires & Cables are specially designed for connecting PV Modules for complete solar system installation.

Cables are UV protected with the lowest conductor resistance and high mechanical strength for varying weather conditions.
Electrolytic grade 99.99% pure copper.
Oxygen index more than 30%.
TUV certified.
Electrolytic multi-strand annealed copper conductor.
XLPO compound for insulation.
PVC weather UV Protected compound for sheathing.
UV protected cables are must for solar installations as the regular wires go brittle in a year to exposed to the sunlight.
UV protected wires last for decades in the sun.

Max Current carrying capacity 33 Amps.

1. Is insulation material suitable to bear sunlight, water, and atmospheric temperature?
Yes. It is UV protected and TUV certified.

2. Can I use it in two 150 watt panel parallel?
Yes. This is adequate.


3. Is this a single core or double core?
This is Multi stranded single core cable.

4. For 165 W x 2=330 W., 2.5 sq mm wire is sufficient?
4 sq mm is adequate for up to 20 meters.

5. What is the current carrying capacity of this cable?
Max. current-carrying capacity is 33A. But it is advisable to use 50%(16Amps) of the maximum capacity.

6.What is the gauge of this wire?
14 AWG.

7. Is this a pure copper cable?
This is annealed copper, Tin coated TUV certified and PVC insulated cable.

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