Battery MCB box


Battery MCB box for overcurrent protection.

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This Battery Box is suitable for accompanying off-grid or PCU or UPS
This 1in1out Battery Box provides overcurrent protection and MCB is provided to disconnect the battery from the inverter for operational maintenance.
Battery Inputs are taken through the wire glands provided at the bottom of the Box. Outputs are taken through the wire glands provided at the top of the box to the inverter.

Technical data:
MCB Rated Voltage: 800 V
MCB Rated current: 125 A
components are TUV certified in this box,
Max input and output wire gauge is pair of 16/25/35 sq mm. There are 2 x PG19 glands on the top and one at the bottom.
IP 67 Box 120*160*95 mm provides waterproofing.
Front flip-open door for ease of operation.


NOTE: package includes 4 PIN lugs for MCB connection.



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