4 Solar Panel Combiner Box

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4 Solar Panel Combiner Box suitable for the Solar UPS.

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Combine up to 4 solar panels power.

This DC Combiner Box is equivalent to a 4 to 1 MC4 connector. Except this combiner box has a higher current handling capacity( 60 A) since most connectors have a max capacity of 30A.

Technical data:
Input: 4 Parallel panels.

Input max voltage: 1000V/string

Input max current: 30A/string
Wire suitable: 4 sq mm

Output Max voltage: 1000V

Output Max current: 60A
Wire suitable: 10 sq mm

Transparent, waterproof IP 67 combiner box.

Weight: Weight: 1kg

Box dimension:180x130x100 mm



1. Can I use it in place of 4 in 1 T/Y connector?

2. What is the advantage of this over 4 in 1 T/Y connector?
It has a higher output current rating up to 60A.

3. What is the maximum combined power?
1 kW.

4. Is this box waterproof?

5. I am going to install 4no.s 150W 12V panels in parallel. Is this box suitable for my requirements?
1-panel max current is 8.41A. So total current would be around 32 to 33A. So you can use this box.

6.Any warranty?
1 year from the date of the invoice. Do not tamper the bar code to claim the warranty.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 10 cm
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