Polycrystalline Solar Panel 165W

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Poly 165w solar panel

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Suitable for :

— Luminous Solar Inverter NXG1400

— 12V battery charging through PWM or MPPT charge controller

— Suitable for charging 4S or 3S Lithium-ion or LFP battery packs

— Suitable for 12V Solar inverters


Panel watts: 165 Watt peak

Suitable for Battery: 12V

Voc: 21.67 VDC

Vmp: 17.6 VDC


Suitable Battery Capacity: 80AH to 150AH

Suitable Battery Type:

  •                                               Lead Acid Tall Tubular or Short Tubular
  •                                               3S Lithium-ion or LFP
  •                                               4S Lithium-ion or LFP

Solar Panel Type: Poly 36 Cells panel

Suitable number of Solar panels: Max 6 in parallel or 20 in series

INNOVATIVE PANEL DATASHEET: Datasheet POLY 36C 12V 165Wp_1485x665

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