World Sunlight DP DC MCB 800V 125A


World sunlight DP DC MCB – 800V 125A

Ultimate breaking capacity Icu (KA): 6
Ue Rated operating voltage (V DC): 800VDC
Rated Current (A): 125A

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Technical Data:

Ultimate breaking capacity Icu (KA): 10
Ue Rated operating voltage (V DC): 800VDC
Rated Current (A): 125A
Rated insulation voltage Ui (V DC):800V DC
Rated Impact voltage Uimp (KV): 4
Run breaking capacity Ics (%Icu): 75%
Curve type: C
Tnp type: Themal-magnetic
MECHANICAL: Actual average value: 20000
Standard value: 8500

ELECTRIC: Actual average value: 2500
Standard value: 1500
Control and indication:
Shunt release (SHT)
Undervoltage release (UNT)
Auxiliary contact (AX)
Alarm ontact (AL)
Connection and installation
Ambient temperature (°C): -20-70
Altitude: ≤ 2000
Relative humidity: ≤ 95%
Pollution Level: 3
Installation Environment: No obvious shock and vibration
Installation category: Class III
Installation: Din Standard rail
Dimensions(W)x(H)X(Deep): 55x80x75 mm
Weight (kg): 0.36

Application: Ideal MCB switch for Solar Water Pumps


1. In which conditions it is most preferable?

For Safe switching under load. In case of faults or maintenance work, individual strings can be safely and selectively switched under load.


2. How it will act under overload conditions?

This MCB will protect your appliances automatically by tripping when overload and a short circuit occurs.


3. Is this a certified product?

Yes, World Sunlight MCBs are CE certified.


4. Is input on the top or bottom?

This MCB can be used with input on the top or bottom. Other side is used for output.


5. Is the positive on the left or right?

This MCB is non-polar. Positive can be connected on the left or right. The other pole can be used for the negative connection.


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