Vikram Mono Solar Panel 450w


Vikram Mono Solar Panel 450w

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APPLICATIONS On-grid large scale utility systems On-grid rooftop industrial and commercial systems .Rooftop residential systems .QUALITY AND SAFETY. 27 years of linear power output .warranty Rigorous quality control meeting the highest standards .100% EL tested to minimize micro crack. Positive power tolerance only .Certified for salt mist corrosion resistance ? severity VI Certified for ammonia resistance .Certified for sand and dust test Excellent anti-PID performance.

Rated peak power(Pmpp): 450W

Open circuit voltage(Voc): 49.0 V

Short circuit current(Isc): 11.77A

Rated voltage(Vmpp): 41.6V

Rated current(Impp): 10.82A

Fill factor(FF): 78.05 %

Efficiency: 20.23 %

Class of protection: II

Fire rating: Type 7 Class C

Maximum system operating voltage: 1500V

Dimension : 2118 x 1050 x 40 mm

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 1000 × 30 cm


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