Solar 1500V Fuse and Holder set


SLFC Solar 1500V 15 Amp Fuse and 32A Fuse holder Combo

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SLFC Solar 1500V 15 Amp Fuse and 32A Fuse holder Combo

Fuse inside:

A fuse link in a 10 x 65 mm package specifically designed for the protection and isolation of photovoltaic strings. The fuse link is capable of interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted PV (reverse current, multi-array fault) string arrays.

Fuse link is made of pure silver (or made of silver strings), welding low tin and encapsulated in the melt tube made of high-strength porcelain, the fuse tube filled with high pure quartz sand chemically processed as the arc medium, fuse body is connected with contacting terminals by spot welding. Fuse base made by special plastic fitted with contacts and contains the fusion pieces, the connection made by riveting as the support of the appropriate size fuse body parts. This series fuse has a compact and convenient device, use security, beautiful appearance, etc.

– DIN mountable

– Multiple pole configurations

– Finger Safe protection

– Self-extinguishable UL 94-VO rated polyester material

-Parent brand: SLFC

– Low Level Fault Protection

– Superior Cycling Withstand

– 1500 Vdc Capacity

– Globally Accepted 10 x 65mm Dimension


Techincal Data:

– Fuse Size(Diameter x length) : 10×65 mm

– Fuse holder Current Rating: 32A

– Voltage Rating: 1500 Vdc

– Number of Poles:1

– Case Material: PET

– Fuse Holders – PCB Clip: 1A3400-09


– Fuse rating(Amps): 15A

– Rated Breaking Capacity: UL IEC 15 A 100 kAdc

– Time Constant: 1-3ms

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