Anderson Connectors _ 1 Pair- 600V 50A Grey


Anderson connectors 600V 50A- 1 pair

Current: 50A
Voltage: 600V
Suitable for Solar Panels, Dual Battery Systems, Caravans, 4WD, Fridges, etc.

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Application: Battery Connections, Forklifts, Battery Chargers, Solar Panels, Wind Generators, Tow Trucks, Snow Plows, Farm Equipment, Jumper Booster Cables, Welding Equipment, Winches, Electric Vehicles etc.


The Plug is Impact Resistant Polycarbonate and Connectors are Silver plated Solid Copper Terminals.

Provide simplified assembly and minimize the number of components.

Silver-plated copper contacts inside housings that strongly force the contacts together.

Contacts feature a sacrificial tip that allows high current circuit interrupt.

Prevents accidental cross mating of circuits.

For signal transmission or the added safety of a premade ground position.

Easy to use.

Durable in use.

Suitable for Solar Panels, Dual Battery Systems, Caravans, 4WD, Fridges, etc.

Technical Data:
Current: 50A

Voltage: 600V

Brand: SNK

Wire: 3 sq mm to 13 sq mm

Resistance: 0.05 Micro Ohm

Insulation: 500 Mega Ohm

Temperature: -20C to 125C

Material: Copper/Plating Silver


Housing Material: Polycarbonate (PC)

Contact material: Pure copper silver plating

Color: Black/Grey

Size: approx. 35.1*48*15.9 mm

Rated current: 50 A

Rated voltage: 600 V

Voltage: for 12v or 24v or 36V use

Vibration resistance: excellent

Impact resistance: high

Cable size: 6B&S / 6AWG (up to 13.3 sq mm)

Average contact resistance: 0.05M?

Voltage proof: 2200V (DC)

A. No-load (Contact/Disconnect Cycles): To 10,000

B. Under load (Hot Plug 250 cycles @ 120 V): 50 A

Flammability rating of housing material: UL94 V- 0

Operating temperature range: -20° to 105°

Note: Connectors are compatible with the same color connectors only. For example: Grey-Grey. Grey will not fit with Red.

Note: These Anderson plugs are cleverly designed that they can plug into each other while keeping the correct battery polarity. An Anderson plug can only connect to another Anderson plug if you flip one of them over otherwise they will not push into each other, this clever design prevents short circuits and makes for a universal plug and play system.

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