Solar, Waterproof, Outdoor 14W Smartphone charger!


Waterproof solar charger

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Application: Ideal for Outdoor Smartphone charging. 

While hiking: Ideal hiking power source for power bank charging.

In the evening: Power bank can be used for smartphone charging.



USB Pin type: C

Panel wattage: 14w
Panel Foldable: Yes
Weight: 540 gms approx.
Dimension Panel folded: 350mmx240mmx6mm
Dimensions Panel unfolded: 350mmx500mmx4mm

Panel Output voltage Voc: 7V
Panel Output voltage Vmp: 6V (suitable for 5V smartphones charging)
Panel Output current: 2.3 Amp max

Power bank: 10000 mAH

Power bank storage: 37Watts



#1 How much time panels take to charge the power bank?

1 day


#2 How much time power bank take to charge the phone?

3 hours


#3 Is there a indicator?

Power bank LED shows the state of charge.


Package contains:

#1 Solar panels 14Watt bag

#2 Battery bank 37W



Additional information

Weight .54 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 5 cm


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